The Week the Republican Party Died

Right in time for Halloween, the Republican Party as we've known it has died. Not any old death mind you, but a gruesome, invasion-of-the-body snatchers kind of death.From the nation's capital to the state capitol, some of the most powerful Republicans have read the hand-writing on the wall for 2018 and concluded that the party of Steve Bannon and Dan Patrick was no longer theirs. This spells doom for the political center, and business, in particular. And the end of the GOP.The Republican Party is dead, with the abrupt retirement of Texas House Speaker Joe Strauss coming atop Republican senators and House members in Washington. But it's not a normal death. It's like one from a zombie movie in which the twitching corpse is recognizable, but really it's only the nefarious host moving the limbs awkwardly about, trying to get a feel for their power.  Continue reading...

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