The Look Ahead: What to Expect at the Texas Legislature the Week of May 15

AUSTIN — Good morning, y'all, and welcome to The Dallas Morning News' weekly political preview: The Look Ahead. Join us here every Monday morning for a peek at the week to come in the Texas Legislature.Just a few more weeks and we won't have to hear the word chub anymore — at least until 2019. Until then, take comfort in the fact that you don't have to experience chubbing first hand. You can just sit back, relax and read all about it on The 85th. Mark your calendarsA bill to ban texting while driving will get its second hearing of the session on Monday in the Senate State Affairs committee. This is the fourth time Rep. Tom Craddick, R-Midland, has tried to push through legislation creating a statewide ban on texting behind the wheel. The measure passed through the House in March. Dagney Pruner will steer you through the hearing, so follow along: @dagneydevlin. On Tuesday, the House will take up a measure that would establish a grant program for law enforcement agencies to buy bulletproof vests and body armor, a response to the attack in Dallas last year that killed five officers. Follow James Barragán for updates, @James_Barragan. The House Homeland Security Committee on Tuesday will hear two proposals from Sen. Charles Perry, R-Lubbock, relating to licenses to carry a handgun. One would change proficiency requirements for obtaining a license to carry a handgun. The other would let county jailers and state correctional officers get a license without additional training. I'll be a tweetin' — @madlinbmek. Sen. Van Taylor's chicken bill will also get a hearing in the House Urban Affairs committee on Tuesday. The Plano Republican's bill hatched a pun-filled debate on the Senate floor in April. The proposal would prevent cities from enacting local ordinances that ban people from having up to six chickens at residential properties. Attorney General Ken Paxton will be in court next week, after trying (and trying and trying and trying) to get the judge presiding over his criminal trials kicked off the case. There will be a hearing in Houston on Thursday to address Paxton's repeated attempts to force Judge George Gallagher to step down.   Continue reading...

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