The Best Thing the City of Dallas Can Do for the Preston Center Parking Garage Is Let It Crumble

Let me offer a little different perspective on the ongoing Preston Center Parking Garage controversy. History is always a good starting point.Developed in the years after World War II, when shopping centers first appeared on the America landscape, Preston Center represents a sort of prehistoric version of the modern shopping center common today. This may explain its resemblance to an old-style town square (think downtown McKinney). Parking for the businesses sat in a center square owned by the developer — originally unpaved, I am told. At some point the developer persuaded the city to take ownership of the square. Why the city agreed will ever be a mystery to me, given that ownership appears encumbered by parking rights in favor of surrounding lot owners.The lot was paved and operated as a simple surface parking lot for years, then the surrounding businesses determined they needed more parking. Fortunately for the taxpayers, this was at a point in history when municipalities didn't routinely build parking for private businesses. Ah, the good old days!  Continue reading...

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