Texas Man Reportedly Threatened Wife With Bug Spray and Lighter, Hit Children in Argument

A Wichita Falls man reportedly threatened to disfigure and burn his wife with a can of Raid bug spray and a lighter in an argument last week.John Francisco Berrios, 37, is out of the Wichita County Jail on $45,000 bail.According to an affidavit obtained by the Wichita Falls Times Record News, a woman called 911 last Wednesday screaming, "I need cops now!"When police arrived, they found Berrios' wife and her three children. The couple have been married for four years and have a 3-year-old together. She has two older children, ages 12 and 9.His wife said that the couple had been arguing since the night before. That morning, Berrios grabbed a can of bug spray and a barbecue lighter and threatened to burn and disfigure her, she said.The woman's 12-year-old daughter stepped in at one point, the report says, and Berrios slapped her across the face.When the 9-year-old son also stepped in, Berrios reportedly chased him around the house and threw the can of bug spray at him, hitting his arm.Berrios was arrested and taken to the county jail. He faces a charge of aggravated assault family violence and two counts of injury to a child.  Continue reading...

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