Texas Charter Schools Need Money So More Kids Can Enroll, Parents Say

Dallas-area charter school families had a united message for Texas lawmakers: Their campuses need more money.As National School Choice week wrapped up on Friday, parents, students and staff from several charter schools gathered 5,000 handwritten letters that will be sent to Austin encouraging legislators to boost funding.Paige Laserna graduated from a Harmony Public Schools campus and is now a senior at the University of Texas-Arlington. She said Harmony teachers and counselors prepared her to be successful in college with their relentless dedication. The school's smaller size allowed teachers to know each student, she said. "I am more and more convinced that Harmony is more than a name," she said. "It's the nature of how we operate and the foundation of our success. It's an experience all parents and young minds should have an opportunity to be a part of."   Continue reading...

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