Texans at National Monuments Respond to Trump Statements on Removing Washington, Jefferson Tributes

WASHINGTON -- Texans visiting national monuments in Washington, D.C. dismissed President Donald Trump's comments that monuments to the Founding Fathers could be in jeopardy after the removal of statues of Confederate generals.“Many of those people were there to protest the taking down of the statue of Robert E. Lee,” Trump said at a press conference Tuesday of the clashes between white supremacists and anti-fascist protesters last weekend.“I wonder, is it George Washington next week? And is it Thomas Jefferson the week after?,” the president added, citing that the former presidents had also been slave owners.While Dallas accountant Sunny Kim said he had not heard President Trump's exact statements on memorials to Washington and Jefferson, he said he doesn't believe there's a parallel.“It's one of those things where it's very clear what is right and what is wrong, and I think standing in the middle sometimes gets you in the wrong path," said Kim, 42.Kim was in Washington with his wife Jane and their two sons on a trip to visit his sister and nephews. The Kims wanted their sons to see the national monuments, specifically the Korean War memorial as they are of Korean descent. Earlier during the trip, the Kims passed protests in Baltimore. "It's very good to have a clear understanding of those rights, and what is wrong, so we can teach our children what is right or what is wrong,” he said.Edwin Thomas Jr., 20, of Dripping Springs, was at the African American History Museum with his parents and siblings before they dropped his sister off at college. He was unimpressed with Trump’s remarks.“He’s making false equivalencies when he’s trying to say people will start taking down Thomas Jefferson and George Watson because he's comparing it to Founding Fathers, versus people who fought to secede from the thing that the Founding Fathers tried to create,” he said. “He’s just trying to appeal to his core base, and he doesn't really care further than that.”It's complicated for some  Continue reading...

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