Texans Are Reaching Their Limits, But Harvey Isn’t Finished Yet

The patches of crisp sunshine and occasional breaks from torrential rain across southeast Texas Wednesday were a cruel tease: The continuous catastrophe of Hurricane Harvey marched mercilessly on.A hint of better weather only revealed more bad news: Five days after Harvey flung itself against the Texas coast, its fury lessened but its deadly consequences continued unabated.Harvey briefly skulked off shore, allowing Houston to barely catch its breath, but then the storm turned and struck again early Wednesday, torturing dozens of smaller towns in Texas and Louisiana. The grimly familiar tokens of distress, sheets and towels hung on windows, beckoned rescuers working through last night — just as they will again tonight.People are bone-tired. The rescuers, the rescued and those still waiting for help. But while Texans may be reaching capacity, this disaster has not.The National Weather Service warned Wednesday that "catastrophic and life-threatening flooding will continue in and around Houston eastward into southwest Louisiana for the rest of the week."  Continue reading...

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