So Why Haven't Any of Dallas' Losing Mayoral Candidates Endorsed Scott Griggs Or Eric Johnson?

It seems more people than will turn out to vote in the Dallas mayoral runoff have endorsed one of the two men left standing. Those who have lent their names to the candidates' causes include several former mayors as well as the current one, the entirety of the sitting Dallas City Council, members of the U.S. House of Representatives, former pols, Dallas ISD trustees, deep-pocketed R's and D's, firefighters and police officers, men of God. Maybe your name is on one of their lists, too.Conspicuously and unfortunately absent from that long list are the seven men and women who ran for mayor and failed to make the runoff, who shared stages and scrums with Scott Griggs, the term-limited council member from North Oak Cliff, and Eric Johnson, a Democratic state representative, and know their positions and personalities far better than the few thousand who can be bothered to vote. Early voting is now well underway; the finish line and center seat at the horseshoe are in sight. And still, not a peep, at least until pressed.I asked what gives. Four of the former candidates — Mike Ablon, Jason Villalba, Regina Montoya and Alyson Kennedy — responded to texts and phone messages left in recent days. And what they did say — on the record, for attribution — shed little light on why they have chosen to "remain neutral," as Montoya put it in a short, sweet text.  Continue reading...

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