Sleet, Snow Or a Cold Rain? Why Forecasting Wintry Precipitation in Dallas-Fort Worth Can Be a Challenge

When temperatures drop, and there’s the chance for rain in the forecast, many North Texans want to know one thing: Will it be cold enough to snow?Meteorologists want to know, too, but finding the answer isn’t so simple — especially in Dallas-Fort Worth. Sometimes meteorologists will forecast a cold rain only for it to turn into sleet. Other times meteorologists will put wintry precipitation in the forecast only to see no precipitation at all.Cold rain was in the forecast for Dallas-Fort Worth on Tuesday, and most of the region got just that. For areas west and northwest, the National Weather Service issued a winter weather advisory late Monday night, warning residents about the possibility of ice or sleet. But by Tuesday morning, the potential for wintry weather had decreased, so the advisory was cut short.  Continue reading...

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