Sick of Property Taxes? Then Address the Health Care System

A 35-year-old athletic man suddenly dropped dead after having a massive heart attack. Two weeks later, I discharged the man from the hospital and watched him walk out the door. What started as a tragic story ended with a remarkable recovery. Yet, there was one problem: The man's hospital bill of more than $200,000.Unfortunately, the patient did not have health insurance.So, who paid for his hospital stay? We all did.In 2018, every Dallas County property owner paid on average $535 to Parkland Health and Hospital System, which provided $1 billion in uncompensated care. While the care Parkland provides is excellent, up to 75 percent of these costs can be federally funded if Texas lawmakers expand Medicaid.Expanding Medicaid is a no-brainer and, according to the Perryman Group economic advisers, the single most cost-effective thing Texas lawmakers can do to ease the burden on Texas taxpayers.  Continue reading...

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