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Some of our best, most powerful investigations here at The Dallas Morning News start with tips from readers.This kind of interaction is vital to our mission of watchdog journalism. We're always looking for new ways to protect those who want to share information with us. That's why we now offer SecureDrop, an anonymity tool that lets anyone submit ideas and documents to our journalists. SecureDrop, developed by the Freedom of the Press Foundation, is used by some of the largest media organizations in the world to guard sources against hacking. It is regularly reviewed by security experts. It uses Tor (software that obscures your identity and activity online) and encrypts all messages and documents you submit.Our journalists check SecureDrop regularly for new submissions, and we can communicate with sources safely from within the system.To read more about SecureDrop — including instructions on how to submit messages and documents — visit ways to get in touch Not sure if you need SecureDrop? There are other, simpler ways to reach us securely and confidentially. If you're concerned that your Web or mobile activity is being monitored, we suggest using a contact option that includes encryption.Our tip box. It appears in all of our investigative stories. Type in your info — the more detailed the better. We prefer that you tell us who you are and how we can reach you, but you don't have to.Encrypted text messages. We use Signal, a free and secure messaging app that uses end-to-end encryption to ensure no one (not even Signal) can read messages you send. Download the app from the Apple Store or another source and install it on your phone, then text our tips line: 469-657-8067. Signal can also be used to make encrypted phone calls.Encrypted email. PGP software allows you to send us encrypted material. As with Signal, both parties need to participate, in this case by having keys. (You can find our investigative reporters' addresses and keys on this page.) Directions to create your own keys are here. We have found Mailvelope, a Google Chrome extension, relatively easy to use. Though the content is encrypted, your email provider will be able to track whether you sent a message to us, so you should consider using a secure email account. U.S. mail. You can send documents anonymously through the U.S. mail to: ℅ Investigations, The Dallas Morning News, 1954 Commerce St., Dallas, TX 75201.  Continue reading...

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