See Photos From Dallas' Artsy ‘Eye Ball' Tea Party, Which Served Up ‘Alice in Wonderland'-style Fun

A topsy-turvy tea party inspired by Alice in Wonderland came to life Sunday at the Eye Ball, the outdoor fete thrown by Headington Cos. and its Joule Hotel downtown in celebration of the 11th Dallas Art Fair.Fueled by mimosas, margaritas and other libations, invited guests made playful portraits in an optically illusive set that made them appear giant or tiny, and they wandered through a hedgerow maze with a child-height hideaway papered with scratch-and-sniff cherry wallpaper.Gloved hands protruding from the hedge presented each visitor a cheekily printed teacup, and a towering model in a cascading red gown poured side-car cocktails from a shiny silver teapot.  Continue reading...

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