Satanists Put Up Billboard in Texas Town to Challenge School's Decision to Reinstate Paddling

A Texas school district brought back paddling as a punishment. Satanists want to have a word.The Satanic Temple, a organization headquartered in Salem, Mass., put up a billboard in the small town of Three Rivers -- 75 miles south of San Antonio -- to protest the school district's recent reinstatement of corporal punishment.The billboard reads "Our religion doesn't believe in hitting children," and promotes the group's national effort against corporal punishment: the 'Protect Children Project.' "Hopefully, our billboard will give pause to passersby who will be forced to confront the fact that the school district is being operated by depraved and ignorant sadists who have no business being in education," Satanic Temple spokesperson Lucien Greaves said.A similar message from the same organization targeted a Fort Worth-area school district, Springtown, earlier this year.   Continue reading...

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