‘Robin Hood' and Other Key Takeaways From the Ted Cruz-Bernie Sanders Tax Debate

WASHINGTON -- Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders agree that America's tax code needs an overhaul. And that's about it.The political polar opposites, participating Tuesday in a CNN debate, highlighted the yawning policy divide that confronts conservative and liberal lawmakers of all stripes as they prepare to take on a monumental task that's stymied Congress for decades.With these two loquacious senators, however, the split was crystal clear.Cruz, the Texas Republican, pitches the GOP revamp as a way to streamline the code and "lower taxes for each and every person." Sanders, the Vermont Independent, sees instead a "massive tax break for the wealthy" that comes at the expense of low- and middle-income earners.And even moments of apparent accord on Tuesday revealed just the size of the expanse.  Continue reading...

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