Robert Caro Plans an Audio-only Project ‘On Power'

NEW YORK — Robert Caro's next project is for ears only.The Pulitzer Prize-winning historian is planning an audio-only release, On Power, drawing upon his years as an investigative journalist and his research into the lives of President Lyndon Johnson and municipal builder Robert Moses. On Power will be narrated by Caro and released through the audiobook producer and distributor Audible Inc., which has set a May 9 release date. "My books are an attempt to examine and explain political power: how it is created, how it works, how it can be used —for good and for ill," Caro said in a prepared statement. "I thought it was important to try to do that because that power shapes all our lives — in ways large and small. And I felt that the more America understands about political power, the better informed our voters would be, and then, hopefully, the better our democracy would be."   Continue reading...

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