Rep. Allred Is Working to Reform the Campaign Finance System, Not Undermine It With an Online App

Last fall, Rep. Colin Allred helped organize a letter with over 100 House challengers demanding congressional leaders make reforming our broken campaign finance system the first priority of the 116th Congress."Without these reforms, we will be unable to truly regain the public's trust or tackle the challenges of our day, like the costs of health care and prescription drugs, the opioid epidemic, or building an economy that is strong for working families," he and many of his future colleagues wrote. To show voters he was serious about taking on corruption and special interest influence in Washington, Allred also rejected corporate PAC money.Allred was part of the wave of reformers elected last fall who got down to business as soon as they were sworn in to fight corruption in Washington. Allred co-sponsored and voted for H.R. 1, the For the People Act, aimed at ending the dominance of big money in politics, making it easier to vote, and ensuring public officials are working in the public interest. His amendment to require voters be notified of changes in their polling place was included as part of the legislation that passed the U.S. House in March.Unlike a lot of politicians Texas voters are used to, Allred made a promise and he's delivering on it. And that's why he's starting to face false attacks. In a recent Dallas Morning News op-ed, Allred was criticized for using the online fundraising nonprofit called ActBlue.ActBlue is simply a service provider. Modern campaigns must be able to raise money online and ActBlue is the best way for candidates to do that. The organization focuses on increasing participation of small-dollar donors in our political and nonprofit landscapes. Through the company's years of experience and nonstop testing, ActBlue has made its donation forms as fast and efficient as possible without sacrificing safety and security.ActBlue runs its own anti-fraud program, balancing external data from the credit card industry and fraud scoring service, with a continually-updating internal algorithm. ActBlue is an externally audited PCI certified Level 1 service provider.Committed activists making small donations online to politicians that inspire them isn't the problem in our democracy. The problem is the wealthy donors and corporate interests who can bend politicians and public policy to their will.Luckily, Allred is in Congress fighting against that corruption. In his short time in Congress, he has distinguished himself as a leader in the fight to create a democracy that's open, accountable, and reflective of our country's diversity.Tiffany Muller is executive director of End Citizens United. She wrote this column for The Dallas Morning News.  Continue reading...

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