Prosecutors Continue to Roll Out Evidence in John Wiley Price Corruption Trial

Jurors in the John Wiley Price federal corruption trial heard more testimony Friday about a small business owned by his top aide that prosecutors say the commissioner used as his personal cash cow.Friday was a half day in the bribery, mail fraud and tax evasion trial involving Price and two associates. Government prosecutors will continue presenting their case on Monday morning. The trial is expected to last four months. David Garcia, an FBI forensic accountant, completed his testimony Friday after three days on the witnesses stand. Garcia played a key role in the investigation in analyzing the finances of Price and his two co-defendants, Kathy Nealy and Dapheny Fain, which he began in 2005. Fain is Price's executive assistant who is accused of lying to the FBI and tax evasion. Prosecutors say her mail order business, MMS Co., funneled money to Price, who didn't report it on his taxes.Nealy, a Dallas lobbyist, will be tried separately on charges that she paid Price almost $1 million in bribes for actions favorable to her clients.   Continue reading...

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