Plano Council Candidate Blames Hackers for Homophobic Slur Sent From His Email

A Plano City Council candidate is denying that he sent an email containing a homophobic slur, despite screenshots showing his email address sent the one-word message.Daniel Long says the email was a hack, and he has filed a police report."I do not use wordage like that," Long said. "I would not say it in public, I would not say it in private, I would not write it."Long is running for Plano City Council Place 1 against Bill Lisle III and Maria Tu.Long says he's had trouble with his GoDaddy website and his AOL email account for two months or so. Sometimes, he says, pornographic attachments have been added to emails after he sends them. Other times, emails go missing or are not delivered.He said he sent an email as part of a thread of messages to the Plano Police Association, but did not use the slur.Long said he is a "faithful member of the community," and that he has never used the slur."I have a child that is gay," he said. "I don't particularly like it, but I will not condemn her."  Continue reading...

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