People Wonder Why I Would Raise a Transgender Child in Texas, But I Couldn't Do It Anywhere Else

My daughter, Libby, loves her birthday. Starting the day after her birthday, she begins the countdown to her next birthday, drawing up lists of all potential plans for celebrating. This girl loves to celebrate with her friends, and this year we kicked it off with a tea party at the American Girl store with Libby's sister and her very best friends from preschool. And none of them cared in the least that the birthday girl is transgender.We had no idea what to expect when this group of friends first met nearly five years ago. When Libby began preschool, our family had recently returned to Dallas to live near my parents. We told ourselves we would give it a year and if we hated it, we would move. A year passed and while we still struggled with some aspects, we had found community. Our daughter found her community. We realized that the bond these little girls and boys formed runs deep. The director of their preschool told me recently that she fondly recalls how fiercely this cohort of little ones supported each other. She laughed, saying, "And they used their powers for good!" No one knows that better than my family.  Continue reading...

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