Paralyzed DART Detective Takes the Wheel, Reclaims His Independence With Custom Car

Detective Justin Ellis has had to rely on others for transportation since a crash last year left him paralyzed, but a special car donated to him Thursday will let him zip around town on his own.As vice president of the Dallas Transit Police Association, Justin said he’s used to caring for others. A chief told him now it’s his turn to receive help, and the Dallas Area Rapid Transit Police detective said he’s grateful to get it. Justin and his wife Rachel were presented with a gleaming new silver Toyota Camry outside DART Police headquarters in East Oak Cliff Thursday morning. “You’ve given me more independence to be back to where I was before my wreck and that actually means a great deal to me,” Ellis said. “To get out and just drive and go do something on my own without having to be dependent on other people.”   Continue reading...

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