Officer Wounded During Dallas Ambush: ‘We're All Still Grieving'

AUSTIN — Every time Senior Cpl. Rich Whitt drives through downtown Dallas, his mind darts back to the night of July 7, 2016."You just couldn't do anything," Whitt said Tuesday. "That's the hardest part."Elmar "Lee" Cannon, a Dallas Area Rapid Transit officer who was injured that night, added, "We're all still grieving."It's been more than six months since Micah Johnson took the lives of five officers and wounded seven others, including Cannon and Gretchen Rocha, who had been a Dallas cop for less than a month.The investigation is ongoing, and many questions about Johnson's firepower and the city's response remain unanswered. For officers in Dallas, the last six months have been marked by rebuilding.  Continue reading...

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