North Dallas Pet Owners Find Glass-filled Meat in Backyards

Several pet owners in one North Dallas neighborhood have reported finding raw meat filled with glass in their backyards."It's insane to think any of your neighbors would do something like this," said Paul Burkhalter, who found two glass-filled meat patties in his backyard last month, on June 11.He said he found the first one and threw it away without much thought. But when he found the second one, he opened it up and found glass inside.Dallas police came to his house and filed a report that day, but never named any suspects.Burkhalter's neighbor Cathi Holtsclaw found meat with mixed with glass shards in her yard a day after he did and again last week, Burkhalter said.The neighbors, who live in the Meadows development near U.S. Highway 75 and Meadow Road, now believe it's being deliberately placed.  Continue reading...

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