Non-profit Uses Yoga Classes to Help Veterans With PTSD

Joshua Lloyd follows the same routine every Friday afternoon. The 73-year-old takes the bus to Beckley & 9th Street in Oak Cliff's Bishop Arts District, then waits for a second bus to take him to his final stop. But on a recent Friday, something was wrong.“The 723 bus just sat there,” Lloyd said. “It was broken down, so I had to walk.”The Air Force veteran slowly made his way down West Davis Street, cane in hand, until he got to his destination — yoga class.“I wanted to be here,” Lloyd said. “I wanted to be with my friends.”The trauma-sensitive yoga class is offered by the Warrior Spirit project, a nonprofit in Dallas that helps strengthen the spirits of veterans and first-responders with post-traumatic stress or traumatic brain injury. Lloyd and a handful of others are regular attendees. “We just feel like there is a lot of disconnect with that community and the general population," said Charla Truesdale, co-founder and president of the Warrior Spirit Project. “We wanted to be that support, giving them that peace of mind and helping them find some healing.”  Continue reading...

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