New Reporting Deals Another Big Blow to Trump's Dangerous Russia Spin

We all need to do a better job stating clearly what President Donald Trump's position on the Russia probes really is and what it really means. When Trump dismisses discussion of Russian interference in the 2016 election as a hoax, he isn't merely saying the charge of collusion with that meddling is a hoax. He's also saying that the alleged Russian sabotage itself, irrespective of whether his campaign colluded with it, definitively never happened at all and, by extension, doesn't merit any inquiry or discussion.Some new reporting out Thursday morning underscores in a fresh way just how reckless, irresponsible and potentially dangerous to our democracy this stance has become.The Associated Press reports that the Russian effort to swing the election to Trump may have been much broader than previously known. The AP reports on extensive new data collected by a cybersecurity firm - which accessed it via a misstep by hackers - that experts say leaves little doubt of direct Russian involvement in the hacking and reveals a much broader set of targets for it than previous reporting had indicated.   Continue reading...

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