NBC 5 Forecast: Sunshine Returns!

The last of the rain will move out of North Texas this evening and the clouds won't be too far behind. Yes, the sky will finally clear out tonight! A cold front will sweep through tonight, shifting the wind around to the northwest and push some dry air into the area.Sunshine returns on Tuesday with highs in the upper 50s. It will warm up through Thursday with highs in the mid 70s for Valentine's Day. The trade off is the strong southwest wind that will blow through the day.The warm air from Valentine's Day will not be sticking around. The pattern will favor cold air from the north hanging around through the end of the week into the weekend ... and as it stands right now, it will stay below normal into early next week as well. TONIGHT: Evening showers, then becoming mostly clear, breezy, and colder. Low: 40. Wind: SW/NW 15-20 mph. TUESDAY: Sunny and seasonal. High: 59. Wind: NW 10-15 mph. WEDNESDAY: Mostly sunny early, then becoming partly cloudy and breezy. Low: 36. High: 64. Wind: S 10-20 mph. VALENTINE'S DAY: Partly cloudy, windy, and warm. Low: 51. High: 75. Wind: SW 15-25 mph. FRIDAY: Mostly sunny and colder. Low: 46. High: 55. Wind: NE 10-15 mph. SATURDAY: Partly cloudy and chilly. Low: 35. High: 55. Wind: N 5-10 mph. SUNDAY: Partly cloudy, breezy, and cold. Low: 34. High: 48. Wind: N 10-20 mph. MONDAY: Cloudy, breezy, and cold with a 30% chance for scattered showers. Low: 38. High: 47. Wind: N 10-20 mph. TUESDAY: Mostly cloudy, breezy, and cold. Low: 30. High: 40. Wind: NW 10-20 mph. WEDNESDAY: Mostly to partly cloudy and cold. Low: 30. High: 44. Wind: NE 5-10 mph. THURSDAY: Mostly sunny and cool. Low: 34. High: 50. Wind: E 5-15 mph.   Continue reading...

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