Move Over Dallas Cowboys, Toyota Is Even Bigger in the Auto World

Toyota lost the title of world’s largest automaker last year. Volkswagen edged ahead, selling almost 10.3 million vehicles globally, about 1 percent more than Toyota.But on another measure, market cap, it’s no contest. On Wall Street, Toyota is valued at about $173 billion, over twice as much as VW. Toyota is also worth more than General Motors, Ford and Honda combined.What the Dallas Cowboys are to sports franchises -- No. 1 in the world -- Toyota is even bigger in autos.The North American market is a key part of that, generating most of the revenue growth over the past five years. But profits are tougher to get here.As Toyota moves its North America headquarters to Plano, it’s banking on a boost from better communication and faster decision-making. Maybe that will make a difference the next time there’s a major shift in consumer preference, because Toyota was a little late to catch the truck-and-SUV wave.  Continue reading...

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