Man's Family Says He Was Shot After Trying to Fight Back Against El Paso Shooter With Soda Bottles

EL PASO — Minnie Grant stopped by the Walmart on Saturday with her son Chris Grant to grab snacks and meat for grilling for his three teenage children, who had come to El Paso for the first time in three years.Minnie was in the back of the store near the milk aisle. Her basket was nearly full when she noticed shoppers and Walmart employees running. Someone shouted at her to get out, fast.“I heard the gunshots as I was going out the door,” Minnie said.The 82-year-old ran faster than she had run in years.In the chaos, Minnie got separated from her son, who was closer to the front of the store. There, Chris, 50, threw soda bottles at the shooter to distract him, Minnie said. It was all he could do to fight back against the suspect, who authorities believe posted a racist screed online saying he wanted to end “the Hispanic invasion of Texas."  Continue reading...

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