Los Cabos Resorts, American Tourists Thrive Amid Backdrop of Mexican Cartel Violence

LOS CABOS, Mexico — Joel Boschee heard the warnings to stay away from his favorite vacation spot. He saw the headlines describing an explosion of violence.At the urging of family members, he and his wife toyed with the idea of spending their leisure time in another exotic spot. They tried Hawaii.In the end, the elegance of Los Cabos, its raw desert beauty surrounded by glistening Pacific and Sea of Cortez waters, lured them back.The Boschees say they felt safer here than in some U.S. cities.“I’m more concerned about going to Chicago than Cabo because I hear there’s someone killed every day there,” said Boschee, of South Dakota. “We’ve never run into any problems. It’s always been friendly and fun. A nice place to visit.”  Continue reading...

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