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Dallas is better than thisRe: "Trans woman found slain — Victim of last month's video-recorded beating fatally shot on street," Monday Metro & State story.My heart is heavy as I find myself asking, once again, "What kind of a world are we living in?" Within the past few days, three of my transgendered siblings, all women of color, have been victims of apparent homicides, the latest Muhlaysia Booker, 22, who was discovered on Saturday. Compounding this tragedy is that Booker last month was assaulted by several men in the parking lot of a Dallas apartment complex after what police said was a minor traffic accident. Video from the incident, which went viral around the world, showed the suspects repeatedly punching and kicking Booker while she was on the ground. This is not who we are in Dallas, or in Texas. I call upon the citizens of Dallas to say "enough is enough" when it comes to the hateful rhetoric so prevalent today, and to bring to justice the perpetrators of hate in our city and nation, including the killers of Booker, Karla Patricia Flores-Pavón, and an unidentified woman who was an African-American. Join me in standing in solidarity and support for all of our transgendered siblings who need us more than ever to show them what love is.Rev. Dr. Neil. G. Cazares-Thomas, Dallas, Sr. Pastor, Cathedral of HopeHeart goes out to survivorsRe: "The weight of a secret — A Dallas soccer star says her coach abused her decades ago. Her teammates have stories too," Sunday news story.Thanks for shining a light on the long-buried secrets of numerous young soccer teammates and their abusive coach. My heart goes out to Laura Anton and her teammates at D'Feeters and Ursuline for what they endured back then and throughout their lives, and for their courage in what must have been one of the hardest things they have ever done — to share these very personal stories. Their stories, we can only hope, will spare more women from this kind of nightmare.Casey Hibbard, Boulder, Colo., Ursuline class of 1991Thanks for reading itRe: "Lone GOP voice not enough — Amash's criticism can't be counted as bipartisan support, Schiff says," Monday news story.Kudos to Republican Rep. Justin Amash for actually examining the Mueller report and speaking up about the offenses of this president. I continue to be appalled at the sycophantic behavior of our Republican congressmen who apparently will support Trump even if he shoots someone on Fifth Avenue. Adhering to partisanship rather than speaking the truth is damaging not only to themselves but, most importantly, to the citizens of our country. Michael Cohen, who is certainly in a position to know, said it well: "People who follow Trump blindly are going to suffer the same consequences I am facing."Linda Johnston Arage, WaxahachieAbout that evidence ... Please allow me to enlighten your readers regarding evidence against President Donald Trump. 1. Did Trump keep special counsel Robert Mueller from completing his investigation? Yes, there are several instances in the Mueller report describing how Trump obstructed the investigation. Was Mueller finished with the report? We don't know. Approximately three weeks after William Barr was appointed attorney general, the Mueller report was declared finished. This might indicate that Barr ended the investigation rather than Mueller completing it. 2. Did Trump "attempt" to have Mueller fired to end the probe? Absolutely on several occasions, and the reason Mueller didn't charge the president with obstruction is because a special counsel cannot charge a sitting president with a crime. It's up to Congress to ensure that the president is not abusing his power. 3. If the Democrats want to impeach Trump, is it because he obstructed justice or because he attempted to obstruct justice? Doesn't matter, as both are crimes.4. Will continued investigations get them their answers? Yes, testimony from Mueller, Don McGahn and any others will provide sufficient evidence to determine guilt.Vincent Pollinzi, CarrolltonIs a 'C' OK here?Re: "Trump to tout Kushner plan on immigration — Green card changes would favor migrants with degrees, skills," May 16 news story.Oh, the delicious irony. Son-in-law Jared Kushner works feverishly for months to come up with an immigration reform plan, a plan that includes a civics test that his own father-in-law would fail, no matter how simple it was. (How many branches of government are there? "One: me.")Bill Halstead, Far North Dallas  Continue reading...

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