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Congrats and thank youCongratulations to Mayor-elect Eric Johnson on his well-deserved victory. Also, a special thanks to the other mayoral candidates who sought to serve. With few exceptions, all are dedicated public servants with long records of valuable contributions to our community. We are fortunate to have you as members of our community. Thank you all for your past and continued service to the citizens of Dallas.Judge Craig Smith, DallasWhy so negative?Re: "Congrats, I guess, to our new mayor," by Robert Wilonsky, Sunday news column.I woke up encouraged by Eric Johnson's election as the new mayor of Dallas. His message of unity is amplified by his own life story and achievements in the face of humble beginnings. I and others wish him well and believe that the unity he seeks is attainable not only through his leadership but as a function of his life experience. After reading Wilonsky's column, I was disappointed by the negativity and clear bias against Johnson ("Most of the people in Dallas didn't vote for you, Eric Johnson") and the not so subtle implication that his election was a result of support from the business "elite" and those not sensitive to the needs of all Dallas residents. I beg to differ — and invite Wilonsky and others to rally behind Johnson, who has taken on the task of fixing Dallas' problems through his own leadership and sweat equity, versus standing on the sidelines and complaining.Mark W. Dinkins, Dallas/Preston HollowGood D-Day coverage ... Thank you for your outstanding coverage of the 75th anniversary of D-Day. It was informative, enlightening and pride-provoking, and it renewed my conviction to continue our daily delivery of your award-winning newspaper.Teresa Durham, Carrollton... Can we have more?For years, I've berated The Dallas Morning News for ignoring D-Day on June 6. Usually, Peanuts was the only memorial. You might have had a picture of the ceremony on the 7th. Now, on the 75th anniversary, you have been featuring many moving stories. I applaud you for it.My challenge is: What is the difference between 74 years or 76 years? I hope to see more stories on June 6 next year! Thank you.Bonnie Jonas-Boggioni, PlanoSoar from your own backyardRe: "NASA offers private flights — But space station jaunt will cost $58M-plus," Saturday news story.You don't have to spend $58 million to experience the excitement of the International Space Station or the nightly room charge. You can find it from your own backyard without a telescope, and it's free! I recently discovered Spot the Station at NASA.gov: spotthestation.nasa.gov. With this link you can spot the ISS as it flies over your house and watch it traverse the night sky. All you have to do is input the city in which you live and set up how you want to be notified. I get a text during the day when the ISS is overhead that night with a time, duration of viewing, direction of flight and maximum altitude in the night sky that is so precise. It amazes me! It's important to note that my skills as an astronomer are nonexistent, but this is simple to set up, understand and follow. I keep watching and waving, following the advice of Stephen Hawking to "look up at the stars, not down at your feet." There is no cost to watch the ISS soar above and dream.Perri Brackett, LewisvilleA return to the pastRe: "Baylor backhands LGBTQ students — Former regent says university should stop biblical cherry-picking," by Hal Wingo, Wednesday Viewpoints.And here I've been thinking that Linda Livingstone was bringing new wisdom and a fresh moral perspective to help Baylor University recover from its turbulent recent past.What she said in defense of denying recognition to an LGBTQ student organization, however, signals a return to Baylor's blinkered moral ways.Taken literally, her statement declares that any "physical intimacy" whatsoever engaged in by students outside the bounds of matrimony is a violation of the university's code of conduct. Unless we are to believe that the vast majority of Baylor students lead lives of total sexual abstinence during their four years at the school, it would appear that there are massive ongoing violations of that code of conduct.What does failure to enforce its code say about Baylor? That it only pays lip service to the morality it professes to uphold as sacredly grounded.Baylor seems, sadly, still to be displaying the rank hypocrisy that already once got it into deep troubleSanford G. Thatcher, FriscoWhy fete Trump?Re: "On behalf of the whole free world ... thank you' — Queen's ceremony kicks off two days of events honoring WWII vets," Thursday news story.I am angry at the Queen of England. I am a licensed family counselor and have taught parenting skills for over 30 years. A basic rule I teach parents is that you don't reward bad behavior. President Donald Trump insulted the queen's grandson's wife, calling her "nasty." He insulted the mayor of London and other members of her government. I'm not even addressing political issues. I'm addressing purely disrespectful, demeaning behavior. And what does she do? She gives him a lavish state dinner and allows him to attend a ceremony honoring the veterans and other ceremonies honoring D-Day. This is what he gets for bad behavior?The queen is never known to be disrespectful. That is not how she acts. But her welcome of Trump does show approval of bad behavior. The "common" folks flying the baby Trump blimp are showing their disapproval of him. They speak up. But not the queen. I'm angry that she rewards the president and his oversize ego.Gretchen Ferris, DallasCan we see some numbers?I would like to know how much the services eliminated for the border detainees cost. Also, how much did President Donald Trump and his family's trip to Ireland to advertise his golf course and give unwanted advice to the Irish prime minister cost?Karen S. Roberts, East DallasLevels of lying"Fake news" is actually a politically correct euphemism for a lie. Some intelligent liars know that they must cover their lie with a better lie. It is a blessing that the liars we face are not that intelligent. And a further blessing that it has energized a few good people.Dunja Cashion, Plano  Continue reading...

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