Letters: Dallas Public Library, Texas Gun Laws, Plano City Council, Zeke Elliott, Dak Prescott

Library helps homelessRe: "Libraries evolve to aid in crisis situations — Many patrons need refuge, help that falls outside the books," Sunday news story.I was disappointed that The Dallas Morning News published this wire story without taking the opportunity to highlight the efforts being made locally at Dallas Public Library.Since 2013, the library has made it a priority to build relationships with our customers experiencing homelessness. The program coordinator is a mental health professional. Librarians and other staff are trained to provide referrals and host programs to alleviate the boredom of life on the streets. Each year our staff has contact with more than 4,000 people in need of social services, job search help, hygiene kits and daytime activities. We also have regular coffee and conversation events to engage with the people who visit the library regularly, improving interactions for staff and customers alike.Perhaps this is not the work we imagined when we applied for jobs at Dallas Public Library. But finding answers for the unique needs of each person who comes through our doors is very much at the core of what we do.Jo Giudice, Dallas, director of the Dallas Public LibraryAbout that tax increaseRe: "Council not sold on $8 tax hike — Some cite burden on homeowners; others want residents' input," Wednesday Metro & Business story.Imagine that: the city of Dallas needing to increase taxes. Why? Oh yeah, public safety, pension plan, streets and infrastructure. Where were these concerns when spending thousands attempting to erase/rewrite history? You remember all that drama regarding the Robert E. Lee statue, renaming schools, etc.Well, those thousands of dollars would not have solved the budget problem, but it goes without saying that it would help toward the solution of the problem. Better budget management is needed. Joe Ann Morris, Dallas/Oak CliffNo protection for rape victims?Re: "Do you know your gun laws? Changes Sept. 1 will affect landlords, churches and federal disaster zones," and "Councilman balks at funding center — Officials object to having Plan B pill as rape crisis option," Tuesday Metro & Business stories.Why is the content of these adjacent articles not totally contradictory and blatantly hypocritical? One explains that Stand Your Ground laws permit Texans to use deadly force to protect themselves and their property. In essence, potential killing is OK to protect property from an intruder. The other article describes a Plano Council member's denial of access to the morning-after pill for women, which can protect them from possible pregnancy because of rape. In essence, potential killing is not OK and a raped woman must bear the child of the rapist. Or perhaps Stand Your Ground proponents are fully supportive of abortion and those who would deny a woman access to the morning-after pill are advocates against guns? I think not. Hypocrisy rules.Ronald Briggs, PottsboroDon't overlook Paul DyerRe: "Triumphant parks director saying goodbye," by Robert Wilonsky, Tuesday Metro & Business column.This column on Willis Winters was excellent. However, Wilonsky didn't mention the previous director, Paul Dyer. Paul was the impetus and supervisor of golf course renovation and certainly Klyde Warren Park and the downtown parks. This lack of recognition I thought was incomplete reporting.John Casey, Dallas/Forest HillsGet big money out of politicsThe daily news digs the hole deeper for me: Which is the most important single issue affecting my life? Surely nothing matters if we allow our planet to die because of our excesses. Right? But, is our planet worth saving when money can buy away our Constitutional rights, our elected officials, our basic beliefs in democracy and our pride in America? My "pursuit of happiness" is being stomped on. So, I suppose first things first. We have to stand up to the current administration and say, "No, you can't take America away from us." Let's get big money out of our politics.Eulaine Hall, Northwest DallasOut-of-control salariesRe: "Dickerson: Get $ while you can," by Calvin Watkins, Aug. 7 SportsDay Cowboys Insider column.Watkins says that Eric Dickerson appreciates that Ezekiel Elliott is fighting for a position that gets devalued year after year. Hmmm. Looks like Elliott makes about $6 million a year and that's apparently not enough for the upstanding citizen? So he's refusing to go to training camp with his team and could get docked about $40,000 a day.Wonder if he realizes that after only three days of acting like an entitled athlete (spoiled brat, please fill in the blank with your preferred label), he could "lose" more money than any Texas public school teacher makes in one entire year. In one year, the man makes more than most people make in an entire lifetime. Let's be honest.Salaries for professional athletes have been out of control for a very long time. Come on, Zeke, pull a Dirk and take less money for the benefit of the team and the fans. Maybe Jerry Jones will reduce parking and concessions prices so us common folk can realistically afford to attend a game and root the Cowboys on to a long-awaited Super Bowl.Judy Wong, CarrolltonSave something for teammatesRe: "Veracity of contract details debatable — Prescott, Cowboys have reason to frame their cases, so be skeptical," by David Moore, SportsDay Cowboys Insider column.Happiness is a Super Bowl.Dak Prescott is about to be a multimillionaire with probably $100 million guaranteed. Assuming he may get this, is it in his best interest to get more money or leave some on the table for his teammates? I say leave a bit on the table if Prescott wants to be happy.After the first $30 million in the bank, an extra million here or there is not going to make Prescott happier. There are diminishing returns with excess money. Because of the salary cap, Prescott would not be leaving money on the table for Jerry Jones and family. Rather, he'd be leaving money on the table for his teammates. Better teammates mean better teams. Tom Brady's 2019 contract is $23 million. The Brady model seems to translate into multiple Super Bowls and happiness.Jeff Mankoff, Dallas  Continue reading...

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