Kellogg Foundation Gives $1.75 Million to Promote Racial Healing in Dallas

The W.K. Kellogg Foundation announced a $1.75 million grant Wednesday to the Communities Foundation of Texas in support of a racial healing effort across the city of Dallas.The effort, dubbed Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation, aims to bring together nonprofits, civic organizations, community groups, foundations and individuals to address racism in Dallas.Dallas is one of 14 cities across the nation named by the Kellogg Foundation to receive a collective $24 million in aid over the next two to five years.Other cities include Baton Rogue; Chicago and Flint, Michigan.According to the foundation, the grant's biggest aim is to undermine unconscious bias in American culture, including the "belief in a hierarchy of human value."The effort is comprised of five phases: studying how media talks about race, healing and relationship building, addressing segregation and concentrated poverty, studying discriminatory laws and reviewing structural inequality in the economy."Historically, race has affected the quality of living in Dallas for everyone. In terms of housing, education,health, business development, arts and culture, racial divisions have created barriers for many, and privileges for others," David Lozano, co-chair of the Dallas effort and executive artistic director of Cara Mía Theatre said in a press release. Local groups are also funding the effort, including the Embrey Family Foundation, the Lyda Hill Foundation and United Way of Dallas. The Communities Foundation of Texas is seeking individuals and organizations to get involved in the effort, which began in 2016.  Continue reading...

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