Jon Flaming's Vivid, Colorful Paintings Tell a Riveting Story of a State He Loves

Jon Flaming was having lunch the other day, when his friend asked why, as an artist, he's drawn so deeply to Texas. "One can travel from border to border, seeing all types of weather, terrain, people, towns, beliefs, etc., and never have time to experience it all or record it all," says Flaming, who sees something "deeply mysterious and beautiful about Texas." The painter has used his considerable talent to document the remnants of a slave community and the history of McKinney. His new piece unravels the story of an old motel, near where Flaming grew up. "I'm guessing this old motel is living on borrowed time, which is why I wanted to put it down on canvas before someone comes along and puts it down with a wrecking ball."You can see more of Flaming's work on his website.  Continue reading...

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