It's All Trump and Immigration as Castro Tries to Spark His Campaign

SAN ANTONIO -- With Donald Trump in his backyard, Julian Castro on Wednesday sought to contrast himself with the controversial Republican president and provide a needed spark to his fledgling campaign.The former San Antonio mayor and former Housing Secretary held a counter-rally to the president's Alamo City visit, where the Democrat presidential hopeful attempted to cast himself as the anti-Trump necessary to erase the president's policies and bring a divided country together.Castro wasted little time criticizing Trump, who he blamed for separating migrant families and chastised for his threats to close the southern border. He called the president's immigration policy a disaster."We're here today because we believe in people first," Castro said at his rally. "We're here today because we choose compassion over cruelty."Trump was in San Antonio for a private fundraiser, where he said without his tough border security policies murderous migrants "will probably stay at your house."With Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick with him, Trump vowed to send more troops to the border to deal with migrants crossing into the U.S. without authorization, and he said Texas ranchers fear being killed or having cars stolen by migrants. "This never comes out in the fake news," he said."Who the hell can live like this?" he said. "Dangerous people are coming here and the good people are dying."  Continue reading...

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