‘I Thought I Was Going to Die': In Dickinson, Families Return to Homes Where They Almost Died During Storm

DICKINSON — For a few gut-wrenching moments that seemed to last forever, Sharon Glaze McDaniel thought Sunday morning would be her last.After rainfall outside her home reached 50 inches, the water began creeping inside. By 2 a.m., McDaniel and her husband, Larry McDaniel, had more than 4 feet of water inside their home. That's when they decided to crawl into the attic with their pet Chihuahua, Phoebe.They spent five more hours that way, helplessly watching the water from Hurricane Harvey's relentless march continue its steady rise. Live coverage: With Harvey finally on the move, scope of devastation becomes clearerAround 7 a.m., Sharon had seen enough. The water would not be receding. They needed to get out.The husband and wife placed their beloved dog into a bucket and waded into the water outside. They planned to make their way to the middle of the road and wait to be spotted by rescue crews.But as Sharon tried to steer a log she was using to get to the road, she lost control and was carried out by the water. Alone in freezing water, she thought she was taking her last breaths."I thought I was going to die," she said, her voice choking at the memory. "I remember screaming for Larry and saying, 'I can't do it!' "  Continue reading...

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