How a Career Criminal From West Dallas Wound Up Shot to Death in Downtown Friday — as an Innocent Bystander

Among the 120 homicides in Dallas so far during this violent year, Johnny Roland Glover's slaying is a story so unfathomable it feels made-up.Police say Glover was the man shot to death Friday evening while he sat on a bus bunch near the Crowne Plaza hotel in downtown Dallas. He was caught in the crossfire of a brawl where guns were drawn and shots were fired, police said. One man is in custody in connection with the shooting; another remains at large.What makes his story so unimaginable, so inconceivable, is that Glover had survived decades in Texas prisons, and had been released from Dallas County jail only three days before, charged with evading arrest. Authorities had issued another warrant for his arrest, on a new charge of running from the cops, hours before the downtown shooting.That is how Glover lived most of his 55 years — on the run or behind bars. And now he is dead. Not because the man, who used a gun through his life as a stick-up artist, was committing another crime. He was killed by bad luck. Felled by a stranger's bullet. Wrong place, wrong time.This is not karma or poetic justice or any other cliche conjured to soften misfortune's cruel blow. It is what it is and nothing more, tragedy and only that. The final chapter of a deeply troubled life lived dangerously.  Continue reading...

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