Heads Up: Big Changes Coming This Weekend for I-30 Drivers Headed North to I-35

The years-long effort to untangle the downtown Dallas knot known as the Mixmaster inches forward this weekend as lanes shift and new connectors open.If all goes well, the $800 million Horseshoe project will smooth the ride through one of the state's busiest traffic networks, will all work expected to be finished by the end of the summer. Most of the changes this weekend are along the Interstate 30 corridor as it enters downtown Dallas, so keep you're eyes opened -- the roads have moved:-- Various lanes will be closed going east Friday and Saturday evening between Beckley Avenue and Riverfront Boulevard. Traffic headed north to I-35 will be shifted from one side of eastbound I-30 to the other. Where you once took a connector exit on the left, you'll now go right.-- As part of the traffic shift, a new direct connector from eastbound I-30 to southbound I-35E will also open. To go south from I-30, you'll stay in the middle lane.All lanes should be restored, in their new alignments, by Sunday morning.  Continue reading...

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