Harvey Washes Away One Man’s Passion — the Pecan Orchard He Planted

RICHMOND, Texas - Jones Copeland knows there are bigger things to worry about than this year’s pecan crop now that Hurricane Harvey has devastated a huge swath of Texas. But walking through his ruined, 100-tree pecan orchard, he can’t help but feel the loss.“I grew up in this part of the world, playing all over pecan trees. So, to keep me out of trouble when I retired, I planted each one of these to harvest and shell,” said the 81-year-old, pulling down a limb to show off the bright green pods now blackening with fungus. “It’s such a beautiful crop this year. Or at least, it was.”With all the devastation the flooding brought to the area - including destroying nearly everything in his Fort Bend County home - pecans are a low priority, he said.But still, Copeland’s heart aches.  Continue reading...

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