George W. and Laura Bush Celebrate Freedom, Democracy at Graduation of Liberty and Leadership Forum

UNIVERSITY PARK — Former President George W. Bush said that when he met the 20 young adults from Myanmar who participated in a yearlong program on leadership and advancing democracy in their home country, he asked which of them would be president one day.“You laughed, but I meant it,” he said. “It’s not a bad job, by the way ... but there’s no doubt in my mind that with help, [Myanmar] can be a beacon of hope for a lot of people, and you are going to be part of that hope.” The former president and former first lady Laura Bush were on hand at the George W. Bush Presidential Center on Monday night to celebrate the graduation of the third class of the Liberty and Leadership forum. The Bushes said the graduates have them hopeful for the future.“I believe, and we believe, it is in our national interest to advance freedom and democracy for the sake of peace, and I understand how hard it is. I remind people all the time in our own country that democracy is a journey,” the former president said. “One thing, though, that is certain, is that democracy requires leadership, people willing to take risks for the sake of the future of their countries.”  Continue reading...

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