From Ducky Pajamas to Port Authority, Blake Farenthold Is the Poster Child for Toughening State and Federal Ethics Laws

We’re sick and tired of politicians who break the public trust, exploit ethical loopholes and still land on their feet on the taxpayer’s dime.Case in point: former Texas Congressman Blake Farenthold, a poster child for tougher state and federal ethics rules. Out-of-office politicians can too easily profit from their time in office without much accountability. As you might recall, Farenthold, a Corpus Christi Republican also known for being photographed wearing ducky pajamas next to a lingerie model at a fundraiser several years ago, resigned his House seat last year after using $84,000 in taxpayer funds to settle a sexual harassment suit. Farenthold promised to repay the money but has yet to do so. Then, he became a $160,000 legislative aide for the Calhoun Port Authority, a major public port for chemical manufacturing industries in South Texas.  Continue reading...

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