Faith Leaders, Students to Press for Reversal of Trump's Travel Restrictions at Dallas-area Vigils

A massive demonstration at DFW International Airport this weekend had a message for the travelers who had been detained because of their national origin: You are welcome here.The airport movement against President Donald Trump's executive order on immigration is now spilling onto downtown Dallas and beyond. On Monday evening, faith leaders, refugee advocates and civic figures will lead a candlelight vigil at Thanks-Giving Square in Dallas, and another group will host a vigil at the University of Texas at Arlington.They are pushing for Trump to reverse an order he signed Friday that bars entry to citizens of seven majority Muslim countries for three months. The president also suspended the U.S. refugee program for four months and shut the door to Syrian refugees indefinitely.The new restrictions turned airports in the U.S. and abroad into chaotic scenes as some travelers were prevented from boarding planes and others learned mid-flight that they would be denied entry. At DFW Airport, families paced Terminal D as they waited for news about a dozen travelers -- mothers, fathers, grandmothers and siblings with green cards or tourist visas. Some of the families waited for reunions that had been years in the making.  Continue reading...

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