Elbow Lady on the Time Magazine Cover Is All of Us

It's that sleeved elbow in the Time cover photo -- the one attached to an unidentified woman sitting to the right -- that magnifies the message. Five elegant women, actress Ashley Judd, singer Taylor Swift, former Uber engineer Susan Fowler, Visa lobbyist Adama Iwu and Mexican agricultural worker Isabel Pascual, are pictured on the cover in all of their fierce glory. That elbow, though. She's the woman just out of view but not out of sight. She's the stand-in for every person who has feared ruin -- or worse -- if he or she were to speak out against a harasser, abuser or predator. She's "a young hospital worker who had flown in from Texas," the Time cover story reads. "She too is a victim of sexual harassment but was there anonymously, she said, as an act of solidarity to represent all those who could not speak out." She is all of us.   Continue reading...

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