Dallas Patrol Officers Get ‘Christmas in March' With Body Armor to Stop Rifle Rounds

Dallas' patrol officers tend to be first police to arrive at a crime scene and the last to leave.And, for years, they've asked for more protective gear to keep in their squad cars in case the need arises — as it did in the deadly July 2016 ambush.This week, they got their wish. On Wednesday, the Dallas Police Department issued new protective gear to its patrol officers to better protect them against high-caliber weapons such as the rifle used in the downtown ambush. The gear, funded by a state grant and the Dallas general funds, includes ballistics helmets and plates that officers can wear over their uniforms.SWAT officers and representatives from the nonprofit Dickey's Barbecue, Boots and Badges teamed up to deliver the goods to the patrol stations."It's a travesty that in this day and age we have people who are targeting, assaulting and killing the individuals who are put on the streets to help keep them safe," said Nathan Wheeler, the nonprofits executive director.For everyday use, the department received a $1.7 million grant recently to pay for upgraded bullet-resistant vests, Assistant Chief Paul Stokes said.  Continue reading...

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