Dallas Municipal Court Will Reduce Warrant Fees in Exchange for Canned Goods

The city of Dallas is offering some people wanted on misdemeanor warrants a cheaper way to clear their names while also helping a good cause.From Saturday to Wednesday, people with outstanding warrants can take three canned goods to the Dallas Municipal Court and eliminate the $50 warrant fee on Class C misdemeanors. The court is accepting cans of vegetables, beans, tuna or chicken. The food will be donated to the North Texas Food Bank, according to Daisy Fast, assistant director of court and detention services, who called the food drive a "win-win.""It allows the court to resolve outstanding warrants and citations, but at the same time the defendant can also make a positive contribution to the community," she said. "If this is a success, I think this is something we can incorporate in future warrant round-ups." People coming to the court to resolve their cases will not be arrested for outstanding warrants or citations. City Marshal Lindsey hopes this grace period will motivate people to resolve pending cases ahead of a warrant roundup in March. "We want people to be comfortable with coming down to the court and taking care of whatever business they have," he said.The court, at 2014 Main St. in downtown Dallas, is extending its hours to encourage donations. It will be open:9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturdaynoon to 4 p.m. Sunday7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday to Wednesday  Continue reading...

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