Dallas Mayoral Candidate Eric Johnson Kicks Up Social Media Firestorm With Voter Intimidation Accusations

Eric Johnson, a state representative and a candidate in the Dallas mayoral runoff, set off a social media firestorm this week after he alleged that supporters of his rival, Scott Griggs, had intimidated voters at a polling place.But the two Griggs supporters at the center of the controversy denied such intimidation ever took place.The uncorroborated incident happened on Wednesday morning, the second day of early voting.Just prior to a lunch-time forum, Johnson tweeted at Griggs’ account, saying that he should instruct his supporters “to stop stealing our campaign signs and to stop attempting to intimidate voters at the polls. If this behavior doesn’t stop immediately, I will involve law enforcement and the proper authorities at the county and state. #TryMe”And shortly after the tweet, Johnson sent two text messages to Griggs along a similar vein, stating that the alleged intimidation happened at Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, that he would “get this deplorable behavior on tape” and wouldn’t stop until someone was prosecuted.“Don’t test me, Scott,” texted Johnson, who is known to vent his frustration and grievances in social media and text messages. Griggs did not reply.But the two women — Jane Hoffman and Erica Cole — said they never did anything remotely threatening to anyone.“If anything, we’re not vocal enough,” Cole said.  Continue reading...

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