Dallas-Fort Worth Is Set for a ‘blue Norther' This Weekend. Here's How That’s Different From a Normal Cold Front

Dallas-Fort Worth is expected to get drastically colder this weekend when arctic air makes its way to the area, dropping temperatures from Friday-afternoon highs in the 70s to the low 20s by Sunday morning.But this front won’t be your typical North Texas cold front. This type of front is referred to as a “blue norther.”Blue northers are defined by three characteristics, according to KXAS-TV (NBC5) meteorologist Brian James. They move quickly through an area, create a massive temperature drop and are associated with strong winds from the north.Why are they called blue northers? In Weather in Texas, meteorologist George W. Bomar explains that “Every once in a while, the rush of cold air can surge with such intensity that thick, ominous, bluish gray layered clouds form along its leading edge, giving rise to the phrase ‘blue norther.’"  Continue reading...

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