Dallas, Don't Feel Too Discouraged That City Will Fall Short of New Spay-neuter Goal

Fixing Dallas' loose dog problem is proving to be every bit as tough as we expected.The two-pronged strategy mandated by the Boston Consulting Group 18 months ago is showing encouraging results, but the chaos created by loose dogs in the southern half of the city is far from solved.Dallas Animal Services continues to improve its dog-catching, enforcement and education efforts. But the privately funded Let's Fix This surge, which seeks to spay or neuter virtually all southern Dallas pets, didn't hit its initial target.The coalition's goal was to spay and neuter 46,000 dogs annually over three years. Peter Brodsky, one of the group's leaders, says the city and its private partners will have taken about 31,500 unaltered dogs off the streets as of April 1. Even more significant than this tally will be the revisions the coalition makes in its second year.  Continue reading...

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