Dallas City Hall’s Housing Policy, GOP Tax Plan, JFK Conspiracies: Your Wednesday Morning Roundup

Good morning. Here is a look at the top headlines as we start the day.☀️ Weather: Mostly sunny but cool. High: 57 degrees.Do you want to get this roundup via email? Sign up for our newsletters here.Dallas City Hall aims to build a housing policy once more, with feeling — and dataWhen Raquel Favela began her job over the summer as Dallas City Hall's chief of economic development and neighborhood services, she was told the city already had a comprehensive housing policy.But it didn't. Not really, anyway. What Favela received, she believes, were "some policy statements from which we were to start working on a policy."Once she learned more, she said she found "a disconnect from the policy statements and these programs and the realities on the ground." In other words, too often, the city was trying to use cures that didn't treat the diseases.Now, Dallas city leaders are preparing to take another shot at a comprehensive housing policy. Favela is waiting to gather data and, after an overhaul of the housing department, has been re-evaluating existing programs.Thanksgiving debate: Who will be Dallas' next mayor?And: Responsible for as many as 900 students and under new leadership, Dallas ISD counselors feel the stress.Also: Dallas billionaire Kelcy Warren's new nemesis is a 30-year-old who disrupted the pipeline world once before.  Continue reading...

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