Cowboys' Lucky Whitehead Says Someone Is Demanding Ransom After Taking His Dog

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Lucky Whitehead is asking for help finding his Blitz.The player posted on Instagram on Sunday that someone broke into his house on July 9 while he was out of town and stole his dog, Blitz.Whitehead's friend was caring for the dog at Whitehead's house when the dog was taken, Whitehead said. He said someone has contacted him several times since then and demanded "ransom money."Whitehead created an Instagram account for Blitz just days after adopting the dog in May. With just 11 posts, the dog has nearly 5,700 followers now.Whitehead asked his Instagram followers to contact him if they know anything about his dog's whereabouts."I strongly advise you to stop and return my boy safely before it gets any worse!" he said in the post, addressing the person who's responsible.  Continue reading...

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