Cowboys Fans Lose $900 in Fake Ticket Scam, Police Say

Irving police are trying to track down a man accused of scamming a couple out of hundreds of dollars when he sold them fake Dallas Cowboys playoff tickets.Jaime Davila and Katie Rogers found the man on the app OfferUp. They wanted to attend the Cowboys' recent game against the Seattle Seahawks, and he offered to sell the couple four tickets for $900.Davila and the man agreed to meet at the Irving Mall, he told WFAA-TV (Channel 8). Davila told the station the seller had multiple strategies to prove the tickets were authentic — he shined light on the tickets to reveal an authentic logo, and even tried wiping the letters away with spit to prove the ink couldn't be removed.Yet when the couple arrived at AT&T Stadium on Saturday, they were turned away because the tickets were counterfeit."Your heart just sinks, because you're so excited to go to the playoff game and you just got scammed," Rogers told KXAS-TV (NBC 5).Davila told the station he felt suspicious during the encounter, and as a precaution, he recorded the man on Snapchat. He shared the video on social media and asked for people to help find the man."Anyone know who this guy is let me know ASAP," he wrote on Facebook.Davila handed the video over to police. Irving police tweeted the clip Wednesday and asked anyone who recognized the man to come forward.  Continue reading...

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